Welcome to 3rd Grade Math!
Students will learn many "tricks" in math this year. Some of these include: how to use a 100 chart to quickly add or subtract, draw a picture, part/part/total boxes, and make a table. We'll continue to learn many more tricks for students to have in their math toolbox. We will be using triangles with fact families to practice our math facts for addition/subtraction. Later in the school year, we will use the triangles to create multiplication/division fact families. They'll be taking these home so they can practice. We want students fluent in their 2,5,10 facts for multiplication before fourth grade. Below are some great websites students can practice the same math skills we learn by reviewing old skills or learning new skills before we do in class.


Our goal is to learn specific skills which may take a different amount of time for students to learn.  Therefore, students will not take traditional end of the chapter tests nor will they receive a letter grade at the end of the quarter.  Instead, they will be given assessments aligned with the 3rd grade standards.  When necessary, students have the opportunity to retake assessments after reteaching and additional practice has been completed.  You will see these assessments come home with a number written next to the skill.  This number comes from the same rubric I described in the Reading section of my website.  

(practice for home)
Home"fun" will only be given very rarely later in the year.  Students may even complete it during work time in class.  It will be used for additional practice or to review important skills students should master in third grade (Essential Learner Outcome-ELOs). It would typically be assigned on a Monday or Wednesday. Students will have 2 nights to complete and return it. If students forget to return an assignment, they may have a note to be signed and returned to school so I know you are aware.

Click here to see the most important third grade skills (Essential Learner Outcome-ELO).

Website: Math Connects (our Math Curriculum)

  1. Go to
  2. Click Math
  3. Click Grade 3
    1. Choose the Chapter/Lesson we’re on (ask your child) or choose any to review or preview.There are tutors, quizzes, and practice tests to help your child.
    2. To access the Student Textbook (same book we use in class), click on StudentWorks Plus Online and enter the access code: A70FD412F4

Website: IXL-  Use this to review or extend skills by navigating through the levels

  1. Go to
  2. On the homepage, find QuickLinks, and click on IXL
  3. Enter your child’s username: (first letter of first name & last name)(ex. John Doe= jdoe) and password:123
  4. I suggest starting at Level D at the beginning of the school year.Kids should strive for a Smart Score of 70 or higher to show proficiency at a skill (found on the middle/right side of page).

(When going through the JCC website, this username is enough.  When going through the IXL website, you’ll need to add @jacksoncounty after their username.

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