Students will focus on reading books at their reading level in order to learn third grade skills.  I will report your child's progress on these skills; therefore, there will not be a percentage grade to report in reading.  Below I have described how reading will run for your child this year!

The CAFÉ Menu is a structure to organize reading strategies for students to become better readers.  It is like a menu at a restaurant when picking a meal.  With my guidance students select an area of reading to set a individual goal (C, A, F, or E).  Then, I teach them a reading strategy from the menu to help them meet this goal.  They will also be taught Menu strategies during the year in whole group.  Through my bimonthly newsletters, I will inform you of the strategies your child is learning in the whole group.  You will see a Parent Pipeline come home each time your child is beginning a new individual reading strategy.  This parent letter explains the reading strategy.  See the CAFÉ Menu below.

C = Comprehension: I can understand what I read.

A = Accuracy: I can read the words.

F = Fluency: I can read accurately, with expression, and understand what I read.

E = Expand Vocabulary: I can find, know, and use interesting words.

Progress on Skills and Report Card

Your child will not take the typical weekly test that goes with each textbook story as in the past.  You will eventually see a traditional story test come home about every 5 weeks to prepare the students for this teaching style with the long-term sub later in the year. 

Most importantly, I will be using information learned from individual conferences, strategy group lessons, and whole group activities to determine the level of understanding for your child.  You’ll see a different form of paper assessment come home every 1-2 weeks. If you ever want more information on your child's progress, please ask.  Many assessments I do throughout the week aren't on worksheets, but I track them.  I will show you your child's individual progress toward corresponding skills at conferences on a different style report card.

Daily 5

Students who are not meeting with me alone or in a strategy group will be working individually on becoming a better reader.  They keep their reading strengths and goal in mind when choosing from 5 activities good readers do daily. 

Their choices are:

Read to Self: Reading books, articles, or poems at my level by myself

Read to Someone: Reading aloud with a partner either text or in a play style called Reader’s Theater

Listening to Reading: Listening to reading on an iPad and following along in the text

Work on Writing: Creating writing using the writing process

Word Work: Working on the spelling pattern, word family cards, or making words

Textbook Story
About once every 5 weeks, we will read a story from the textbook together and complete the weekly story test.  This will allow your child to be exposed still to traditional reading structures. You will see a story test come home that week with vocabulary and comprehension questions.  They will not be given a grade for these tests.
Website:  Think Central-  This site has our reading textbook.  There are also various leveled books that will have additional books easier than, at, or above 3rd grade reading levels.  Reread or read a story for fluency, fun, or to help your child better understand a story.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Reading & Language Arts
  3. Click on Journeys Common Core
  4. Enter school information, username (tstudent), and password (abc123)
  5. Click My Library
    1. Click on the picture of the textbook (Journey Student ebook) to read the weekly whole group stories
    2. Click on another option to pick a story to read or skills to work on at your child’s level

Daily 5 Resources: Click on a resource below to learn more about what your child is doing during Daily 5.  Many will help your child when picking our books with you or while reading outside of school.
3 Ways to Read a Books.pdf
Choice Descriptions.pdf
Coaching Strategies.pdf
Daily Reading Choices.pdf
Goals of Reading.pdf
How to be a Reading Coach.pdf
How to Read to Someone.pdf
IPICK Books.pdf

-Below is a CAFE Menu to see which reading strategies we will focus on during whole group lessons.  Your child will be creating individual goals during the year to improve their own reading.  They will practice individual strategies with my help in order to meet this goal.

-Click here to see the most important third grade skills (Essential Learner Outcome-ELO).
-Click here to see the rubric used on assessments for the Standard-Referenced Report Card.

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