Unit 1: School Spirit
The big idea is that we will never stop learning. How does the idea that we never stop learning connect to the idea of school spirit. What kind of learning do we do in school? What other kinds of learning are there? What are some examples of learning that you experience outside of school?
Lesson 1: A Package For Mrs. Jewls
Lesson 2: Ultimate Field Trip 5: Blasting Off to Space Academy
Lesson 3: Off and Running
Lesson 4: Double Dutch: A Celebration of Jump Rope, Rhyme, and Sisterhood
Lesson 5: Elisa's Diary

Unit 2: Wild Encounters
The "big idea" for this unit is that nature deserves our respect. What does it mean to respect nature? Why does nature "deserve" our respect? Give examples of ways in whic you have respected or can respect nature.
Lesson 6: Interrupted Journey: Saving Endangered Sea Turtles
Lesson 7: Old Yeller
Lesson 8: Everglades Forever: Restoring America's Great Wetland
Lesson 9: Storm Warriors
Lesson 10: Cougars

Unit 3: Revolution!
The "big idea" in this unit is that history is made by individuals. How is the idea that history is made by individuals relate to the American Revolution? How can one individual make history? What are some ways in which individuals contributed to the American Revolution?
Lesson 11: Dangerous Crossing
Lesson 12: Can't You Make Them Behave, King George?
Lesson 13: They Called Her Molly Pitcher
Lesson 14: James Forten
Lesson 15: We Were There, Too!

Unit 4: What's Your Story?
The "big idea" in this unit is that everyone has a story to tell. What kinds of stories to people like to tell? What kinds of stories do you know? Have you ever told someone your own made-up story? Encourage your child to make up their own fantastic stories and tell them aloud.
Lesson 16: Lunch Money
Lesson 17: LAFFF
Lesson 18: The Dog Newspaper
Lesson 19: Darnell Rock Reporting
Lesson 20: Don Quixote and the Windmills

Unit 5: Under Western Skies
The "big idea" for this chapter is that our country is always changing. Have your child begin thinking about reasons that people make changes in their lives, like moving to a different part of the country or the world.
Lesson 21: Tucket's Travels
Lesson 22: The Birchbark House
Lesson 23: Vaqueros: America's First Cowboys
Lesson 24: Rachel's Journal: The Story of a Pioneer Girl
Lesson 25: Lewis and Clark

Lesson 6: Journey to Discovery
The "big idea" of this unit is that discovery takes many paths. This unit includes magazine articles that discuss why there may be many paths to discovery. Do you think the journey to discovery is a straight path or one that makes many turns?
Lesson 26: Skywoman's Rescue and Animals on the Move
Lesson 27: Mysteries at Cliff Palace and Cave of the Crystals
Lesson 28: Fossils: A Peek into the Past and Trapped in Tar!
Lesson 29: Fossils Fish Found! and The Case of the Missing Deer
Lesson 30: Journey to Cuzco and Get Lost! The Puzzle of Mazes

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