Want to participate in the Crayola Color Cycle Program?Stop throwing away dry markers! 

They can be recycled and Mrs. Wilking will do that for you!

JCC will be participating in the Crayola Color Cycle program this year, to save dried out markers from the landfill.  Crayola will recycle any brand marker, including dry erase markers and highlighters.  The program is simple.  Students collect dry markers and Aline Wilking, JCC Elementary Art Teacher, will send them to Crayola.  The Crayola company will pay all shipping costs.  There will be a collection box for students to drop off dry markers in the art classrooms of Aline Wilking and Blaise Jacobsen.

Parents – Remember to send dry markers from home with your children to drop off in the art room for recycling!

Parents of High School & Middle School children - You can participate as well, by sending dried out markers to school to be dropped off in Blaise Jacobsen’s Art Room!

I hope that everyone will remember to participate in this great opportunity to eliminate unnecessary waste and reduce our footprint!  You can learn more about the Crayola Color Cycle program at:

Thank you!  :)


Aline Wilking

JCC Elementary Art Teacher

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